Our Mission

 International Smile Power partners with people to

improve and sustain

dental health and

build bridges of friendship around the world

Smile Power

Did you know...
Dental disease is the number one public health problem in the world. It causes more pain and suffering than any one other single disease, and yet in many areas of the world, the mouth is not even thought of as a part of the body when it comes to over-all medical health!
International Smile Power delivers dental health care, supplies, education and training to under-served people around the world and in our own communities. We empower children to become leaders to work together cross culturally in friendship, understanding and peace.

Our volunteers work
in three main areas:

Dental outreach in Seattle Area

Dental outreach Around the World
to remote and under served communities

Building Bridges of Friendship
between children everywhere we go


Ready to join us?

Dental and non-dental volunteers



Your gifts go directly to support others-in-need.  All dental and non-dental volunteers pay their own travel costs
Upcoming Events
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Tent City Dental Outreach
See photos of new smiles from previous event next dates TBD

Echo Glen Career & CE Fair
Feb 21 & 28, 2018

March 15, 2018

March 2018

July 2018

July 23rd - Aug 2nd 2018